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Manipulation of Information: Falsification, non authorized destruction, stealing, improper use or divulgation of information (accountant, operative, finance, legal, working, etc. kinds of information)

Involvement in: Corruption, illicit enrichment of workers and public servants.

Economic Fraud: Improper appropriation of founds, stealing of goods, abstention of improper vantages by unnecessary buyings and/or for certification of goods/services not received and/or because of improper expenses covered by the company.

Abuse/commercial abundance: admissions of benefits out of usual practices with the intention of giving preference to certain member in an improper way or with the objective of gaining a personal benefit.

Occupational Abuse: Accomplish improper ways to self benefit through the compensation of any nature, abuse in the use for personal objectives using the company actives that are made for working objectives.

Acceptance or giving presents, attentions, travels, not following what the conduct code of the company dictates neither its politics.

Conducts that affect the working environment, as discrimination, threats, bullying, violent acts, or actions that affect the security, order, reputation and working discipline of the company.

Active behavior and/or failure to act (including, but not limited to, redaction – unauthorized destruction – concealment – omission) regarding information and/or documents and/or accounting and tax data that are not deemed accurate and/or truthful and/or complete in compliance with the existing legal framework.

Behavior and/or active conduct and/or failure to act that are capable of having an environmental impact and/or causing disruption or degradation to common environmental matrices, as guaranteed by the existing legal framework.

Disclosure of accounting, legal and financial information and/or of acts of corruption and/or of conduct and/or of company transactions capable of causing harm to creditors and/or shareholders and/or third parties and/or capable of hindering law enforcement officers in the discharge of their official duties.

Active conduct and/or failure to act and/or dealings with the Public Administration that are not based on and/or not inspired by the principles of fairness, transparency and impartiality and/or that seek to unlawfully influence the decisions of Public Officials or Civil Servants.

Active conduct and/or failure to act deemed to be detrimental to employees/workers and violating the accident prevention regulations and laws on occupational safety and health.

Conduct and/or potential behavior aimed at selling goods with any characteristic other than those declared and/or industrial products liable to deceive the buyer about the quality of said products.

Conduct of commercial operations and/or transactions with third parties settled with unidentified and/or untraceable means of payment and/or settled with third parties who are not of good repute and/or whose name is implicated in matters concerning money laundering / self-laundering / handling of stolen goods / handling of illegally gained money, goods or other assets.

Unauthorized duplication and/or import, distribution, sale or possession of unlicensed or unauthorized programs.

Illegal access to a protected telematic and/or computer system belonging to third parties and/or damage to information and/or data and/or computer software belonging to third parties and/or used by the State or by another public institution.

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